Boise Trail Guide

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Boise Trail Guide By Steve Stuebner

Steve has produced a whole new edition of Boise Trail Guide, featuring 95 hiking and running trails in the greater Boise area – greenbelt trails, mountain trails in the Boise Foothills, Bogus Basin trails, new routes in the Owyhee Canyonlands, and sweet trails in the Boise National Forest near Idaho City, Garden Valley and Smith’s Ferry.

Boise Trail Guide has such a rich diversity of trails that it will break you out of the mold of covering the same trails over and over again. Now you can experience even more new trails close to home.

The new edition features detailed routes and maps for the Boise Grand Slam Peaks. Overall, the books builds your strength and endurance, starting with Greenbelt and Parks trails, then there are tons of Easy Mountain Trails, Moderate Mountain Trails and Strenuous Mountain Trails. And then, cap it off with six, unforgettable Epic Mountain Trails that will test the best.

The new edition spotlights newly built, popular trails such as the Around the Mountain Trail at Bogus Basin, Peggy’s Trail, Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail, Highlands-Corrals-Bob’s Loop, and the Watchman Loop. It also takes a peek into a few of my favorite trails in the Owyhees with the Oolite Interpretive Trail, the West Fork Shoofly Quick Loop, and the Wilson-Reynolds Loop, among others.

Pick up a copy of Boise Trail Guide and try to knock off even half the routes in one year. Make it a goal for your fitness. Have fun!

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