Idaho Wilderness Considered

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The Idaho Humanities Council announces publication of Idaho Wilderness Considered, an anthology of essays, photos, and other reflections in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act and the establishment of new wilderness areas in Idaho in 2015.  The book features contributions by 25 Idahoans, including an interview with Governor Cecil Andrus on his life in conservation, an essay by U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson on Boulder-White Clouds legislation, and more.


Idaho Wilderness Considered, edited by Boise environmental attorney Murray Feldman and Ketchum Community Library Director Jennifer Emery Davidson, is more than a field guide, more than a map and pictures of Idaho's vast wilderness areas. It explores how and why those areas matter to the very character of the state. Idaho Wilderness Consideredcharts the conversations, political negotiations, and personal journeys that have influenced-and been influenced by-Idaho's wild places.


The anthology is the capstone of a popular Idaho Humanities Council reading and conversation series on the history and meaning of wilderness, hosted in libraries and other venues throughout the state in 2014 and 2015. The contributions to the anthology by more than two dozen advocates, scholars, hikers, journalists, photographers, and others, explore the history, policy, law, literature, art, and science of Idaho wilderness, evoking the story of the land itself-deep, textured, and ongoing.


Idaho Conservation League Director Rick Johnson and Idaho Wilderness Society Regional Director Craig Gehrke reflect on their vocation to conservation advocacy, novelist Judith Freeman tells a story of living with bears in Salmon River country, journalist Rocky Barker reflects on wilderness and wildness,  writers and hikers Bill Johnson of Lewiston and Mike Medberry and Nicole Lefavour of Boise reveal their love of being in the wild, journalist Mark Trahant remembers fishing with his family on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon, academic scholars Lisa Brady, John Freemuth, Rochelle Johnson, Scott Slovic, Alan Marshall, and Adam Sowards explore the history and future of wilderness, Sawtooth National Recreation Area backcountry manager Ed Cannady supplies a well of Boulder-White Clouds photos, and more.

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