Numbered: Inside Idaho's Prison for Women by Todd Shallat & Amber Beierle

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by Todd Shallat and Amber Beierle

Abuse, morality, and self-destructive behavior drive these stories of Idahoans who deviated from the feminine norm.  Numbered revisits a world dumbfounded by troublesome women.  Horrifying at times and elsewhere touchingly funn, the book probes gendered roots of American jurisprudence and the double standard by which penitentiary men and women paid unequal wages for crime. Elegantly presented with original portrais and more than 200 remastered historical photos never before seen in print.

"A remarkable achievement.  Numbered gives voice to nearly a century of female inmates silenced by marginalization." Laura Woodworth-Ney, History professor and Provost, Idaho State University.

"Unique and insightful.  Numbered shows how cultural norms and patriarchal systems led to the very different treatment of womene in prison.  It is a reminder that, while some things change, much remains the same.  Lisa Growette Bostaph, PhD, Professor of Criminal Justice, Boise State University




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