Read Freely Project

 A Partnership Between The Cabin and Rediscovered Books

“Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while.” 

- Malorie Blackman

The Read Freely Project aims to connect readers with the rich and diverse stories all around us in hope of increasing connections, understanding, and joy between our neighbors, far and wide. 

This includes an emphasis on the authors and stories that are different from our own, often unheard, and sometimes even banned. Read Freely Volunteers will give away hundreds of books written by BIPOC authors ten books at a time. 


How it works:

Choose one of these ten titles.  Fill out our online form.  Pick up your books.  Give away your books.  

This is a FREE program.  

We want people to give these books away in person.  Please no online give aways.  Find 10 people that you can give your chosen book to in person.

More people reading more books, and more connections between people.

Read Freely Titles

The experiences of last year have taught us how critical relationships are to warding off loneliness, how crucial it is to seek common ground and greater understanding, and why we must find joy in the small things. 

Books offer a tool for each of those tasks. And our right to read, widely and without constraint or censorship - from authors outside our experience, to the unknown and unexpected—is no freedom to be taken lightly.  

We feel this is important work. We hope you agree and that you'll help us in this task.


How Can you help?

There are two ways to help with this project.

  1. Donate funds to purchase books for the project.
    1. Donate to this project through the Cabin.  Donations are tax deductible.
    2. Purchase a “Read Freely” t-shirts.    Proceeds will support the purchase of books for the project.
    3. Purchase a READ FREELY sticker (or lots of them!)
      Read Freely Tshirt


  1. Be a Read Freely Volunteer
    1. Sign Up to be a Read Freely Volunteer
      1. Fill out an application here.
        • Tell us who you are
        • Select the title you want to give away from our curated list
        • Share why you want this book
        • Tell us who you are going to give these books to and how
        • Select a pick up date and location
    2. Receive approval on your application. (may take a few days.)
    3. Pick up your books at your chosen location and date
    4. Give away the books!
    5. Volunteer applications are now closed, but keep an eye out for the return of this project next year.


 “Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”

- Harper Lee