The Read Freely Project 2023

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The 2023 Read Freely Book List

These are the eight books we have chosen this year. Each one of these books shines a light on the complex and diverse world around us, books we want to share with our community to help start conversations and bring us together. 

Join a #ReadFreely Book Club - a copy of the book is included with your ticket along with a $5 voucher for whatever local venue where we meet! 

More #ReadFreely Book Clubs to come in June

If you would like to host a #ReadFreely Book club of your own in May and June, you can bulk purchase 10+ copies of your book choice at a 20% discount.  Offer expires 6/30/2023.


What is The Read Freely Project?

A Partnership Between Rediscovered Books and The Cabin 

From one hand to the next, The Read Freely Project aims to connect people through books and break down barriers by putting some of the rich and diverse stories all around us in the people's hands. This project is about providing access to books and stories that reflect relevant issues and voices without constraint. Our right to read widely and without censorship—from authors outside our experience to the unknown and unexpected—is a freedom not to be taken lightly.  

This includes an emphasis on the authors and stories that are different from our own, often unheard, and sometimes even banned. Our Read Freely Volunteers will give away hundreds of books ten books at a time. 

How it works:

1. Sign up to be a Read Freely Volunteer and choose one of the titles on our Read Freely Book List.

2. Fill out our online registration form (open now!)

3. Pick up your books on one of the launch dates (July 1st, August 1st, or September 1st)

4. Give away your books!

This is a FREE program.  

The only catch? We want people to give these books away in person!  Whether they are people you love, friendly acquaintances, or strangers at your favorite gym or coffee shop; we find that the best conversations are started when we physically hand books to peoplePlease no online giveaways, established Book Clubs, or Little Free Libraries.

Since we began this project in 2021, 175 volunteers have given out 1750 books through Read Freely.  In 2022, we had 100 volunteers give out 1,000 books.  

Our goal this year is to have 150 volunteers giving out 1,500 books in the Treasure Valley. In order to do that, our fundraising goal is $15,000.  

How Can You Help?

There are several ways you can help with this project:

  1. Fund the Project!
    1. Donate to this project through The Cabin.  You can donate at any time. Donations are tax deductible.
    2. Sponsor a Bag:  Donate $100 or more and you can sponsor a bag of 10 copies of a book of your choosing from our list. You or your organization will be credited with the donation. Make sure to write the name and any inscription you want written in the books in the Donation Notes when you donate. 
    3. Purchase Read Freely Merchandise: Spread the word with our Read Freely stickers and t-shirts 
      1. Purchase a READ FREELY sticker (or lots of them!) for yourself and for your friends, family, and random strangers.
      2. Purchase  “Read Freely” t-shirts. Proceeds will support the purchase of books for the project.


  1. Be a Read Freely Volunteer!
    1. Sign up to be a Read Freely Volunteer to give away 10 copies of your chosen book when registration opens on April 29, 2023
    2. Receive approval on your application (may take a few weeks).
    3. Pick up your books at your chosen location and date (July 1st, August 1st, or September 1st).
    4. Give away the books!


If you would like to host a #ReadFreely Book club of your own in May and June, you can bulk purchase 10+ copies of your book choice at a 20% discount.  Offer expires 6/30/2023.

More people reading more books and talking about them opens the path for more connections and conversations between people.

Let's build more bridges together and get ready to Read Freely!