Rebecca's Back-to-School Reads

I have compiled a list of my favorite back to school books to help you transition into a new school year. Some are new and some are older, but they are all great.


The King of Kindergarten 

Contributor(s): Barnes, Derrick (Author), Brantley-Newton, Vanessa (Illustrator)



The Pigeon Has to Go to School!

Contributor(s): Willems, Mo (Author)



We Don't Eat Our Classmates 

Contributor(s): Higgins, Ryan T (Author), Higgins, Ryan T (Illustrator)



Unicorn Is Maybe Not So Great After All 

Contributor(s): Shea, Bob (Author), Shea, Bob (Illustrator)



All Are Welcome 

Contributor(s): Penfold, Alexandra (Author), Kaufman, Suzanne (Illustrator)


The Day You Begin 

Contributor(s): Woodson, Jacqueline (Author), Lopez, Rafael (Illustrator)



This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World 

Contributor(s): Lamothe, Matt (Author)



Raise Your Hand 

Contributor(s): Tapper, Alice Paul (Author), Kissi, Marta (Illustrator)



Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes

Contributor(s): Robinson, Christian (Author)