Rediscovered Books 2024 Reading Challenge

Get your READ on with our first ever year-long reading challenge!

Rediscovered Books 2024 Reading Challenge


Read more, read widely, and have some fun with the Rediscovered Books 2024 Reading Challenge. 

We have put together a bingo card with 48 challenges, plus a free space, so you have plenty to keep you going all year long. 

Get a bingo vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, more that one bingo, or go for a blackout! It's up to you! 

Whatever you complete, whether it's a single bingo or the entire board, turn it in by December 31, 2024 and you can win a prize! 


The printed out Reading Challenge will be available at Rediscovered Books at the counter, but we are also attaching here so it is available for you to print out or work on digitally. 


Happy Reading!