Rediscovered Publishing

Rediscovered Publishing is taking a hiatus.


Rediscovered Publishing produces hyperlocal books for kids, teens, and adults that serve the needs of our community. We will maintain our current catalog, but will not be adding new titles.


Proposals or manuscripts are not being accepted at this time. 


Books we have published:


Edited by Laura Wally Johnston

Illustrated by Kelly Knopp

Boise is a fun place to visit and a great place to live. A Kid's Guide to Boise is full of great and useful tips about fun food, where to play, and what you can discover. If you've just got a few days in town, check out the sample tours. If you live here, create your own bucket list of things to do whenever you have time. You'll become an expert on what to see and where to go and what your friends don't know about Boise.



Introduction by Alessandro Meregaglia

Edited by Laura Wally Johnston

This Boise guide by Vardis Fisher is finally making its way to the public eye after sitting forgotten for 80 years in a Library of Congress storage box. Originally completed for the Federal Writers' Project in 1939, the manuscript was never published. But it is now presented as Fisher intended it--with additional pictures and an introduction by Alessandro Meregaglia, the archivist who discovered it after following a trail of vague references and footnotes. Fisher, with his characteristic biting wit and keen observation, allows us a glimpse of Boise in the last days of the Great Depression-- a snapshot of our past through the eyes of a beloved Idaho author.


Illustrated by Laura Gray

Prepared by Jane Alice Van Doren

Come along on a journey with an 8-year old boy named Jimmy as he starts a new life filled with safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse, beginning at the Women's and Children's Alliance's (WCA) safe shelter.

Jimmy is a fictional character and his story is based on what a young child might experience as he navigates his family's journey leaving an abusive situation and coming to a safe shelter. It was written by the WCA's Communications Manager, Chris Campbell-Davis, with input from the WCA's programs staff- specifically one of the clinicians who works with children and utilizes play therapy techniques.