Rock-a-bye, Baby

Babies love books and we love that babies love books!  So when you are looking for that perfect gift for the new small human in your life, look beyond Good Night, Moon and Guess How Much I Love You.  We have so many fun books for all the readers involved (make sure that you read them first!).  In fact, you do not even need to have a small human in your life to enjoy these!  

Baby Dragon finger puppet book by Chronicle Books

This is only one of a whole series of finger puppet books!  Tacos, Avocados, Dragons, Unicorns, Ducks, Giraffes, Narwhals, Sharks, a whole plethora of critters and creatures are available for your reading pleasure. 

Nessie Baby and Mothman Baby by Elias Barks

Open the flaps and enjoy a variety of mystical creatures!  Always fun and always a surprise. 

Oh No, George by Chris Haughton

George finds it hard to be a good dog when there are cats to chase, flowers to dig up, and a delicious cake sitting on the kitchen table.  

Indestructible books

These books ROCK!! They can be chewed on, crumpled up, taken in the bath, taken in the sandbox, washed, dried and enjoyed all over again.  They do not tear or get gummy when they end up in small mouths. Small humans love being able actively participate (or taste) in reading.  These books let them do so with bright colourful pictures, lyrical text, and provide hours and hours of book love. 

How Do You Dance? by Thyra Heder

There are so many ways to dance! You can jiggle or wiggle or stomp. You can bop or bounce or go completely nuts. You can dance at the market or the bus stop, with your fingers or your face. You can dance because you're happy or even because you're sad. But, what's the best way to dance? Exactly how you want to!

Dog's First Baby by Natalie Nelson

Welcoming a new baby to the family isn't always easy. When his humans bring home someone new, Dog is determined to sniff out the truth. Is this arrival another dog, or something else? As Dog investigates, he might just find a new friend in this loud, silly creature. With Dog's First Baby, Natalie Nelson captures the wonder and humor of a new baby through a dog's eyes. Sure to delight kids and dog parents alike, this playful and heartwarming board book promises to be a repeat read-aloud.

Here We Are:  Book of Animals and Here We Are:  Book of Numbers by Oliver Jeffers

Two books by Oliver Jeffers that are a part of a larger collection of books about all kinds of things.  Small and big people can enjoy these together as they discovere the worlds of wonder. 

Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer

This fun, inclusive board book celebrates the one thing that makes every family a family . . . and that's LOVE. Love is baking a special cake. Love is lending a helping hand. Love is reading one more book. In this exuberant board book, many different families are shown in happy activity, from an early-morning wake-up to a kiss before bed. Whether a child has two moms, two dads, one parent, or one of each, this simple preschool read-aloud demonstrates that what's most important in each family's life is the love the family members share.

Let's Find MoMo:  A Hide and Seek Board Book by Andrew Knapp

Where's Waldo for babies only BETTER!  Momo is an adorable dog that can hide with the best of them.  Look for Momo and other fun colourful items.  We LOVE these books!!  (And Momo's friend, Boo, appears in a second book Find Momo Outdoors: A Hide and Seek Adventure in Momo and Boo).  

There Was An Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by  Penny Parker Klosterman

We all know that "there was an old lady" who swallowed lots of things. Now meet the old dragon who swallows pretty much an entire kingdom! Will he ever learn a little moderation?! This rollicking rhyme is full to bursting with sight gags, silly characters, and plenty of burps! Parents and kids alike will delight in Ben Mantle's precisely funny illustrations and in Penny Parker Klostermann's wacky rhymes.