Six November Releases to Get Excited For

It is nearly holiday season, and we have some GREAT books available for pre-order!  Whether you are shopping for yourself or for another book lover, these are some of our top six picks that are releasing in November!  


1. Betting on You by Lynn Painter

Releases 11/28/2023

Betting on You by Lynn Painter


"I thoroughly enjoy Lynn Painter's YA novels and this was no exception. Bailey and Charlie - who have had the most UN-CUTE meet in the world - end up working together. Charlie's avid cynicism is the perfect pair for Bailey's sweetness as they create bets, fake date, and make reader's laugh out loud. This had a major 90's teenage rom-com vibe which I was all for." -- Amy

"Cozy up, grab a blanket, and get ready to read and keep reading because you will not want to put this book down! Give me Lynn Painter writing enemies, to friends, to lovers any day and I am sold." -- Jacey


2. Again and Again by Jonathan Evison

Releases 11/7/2023

Again and Again by Jonathan Evison book cover


"My favorite author tells the tale of a tired, grouchy old man dying alone. This is a touching story laced with history, adventure, sorrow and love. I was left wanting more, as always, upon completing an Evison book." -- Karen



3. Fourth Wing (Special Edition, Empyrian #1) by Rebecca Yarros

Releases 11/7/2023

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros Special Edition cover with bonus content


The year's biggest book sensation and #1 New York Times bestseller returns in this completely jaw-dropping special edition, featuring:

- a stunning, revamped cover
- gorgeous new endpapers
- black sprayed edges
(to match your copy of Iron Flame coming out on the same day!)
...PLUS two bonus chapters from Xaden's point of view!

This breathtaking edition is only available for a limited time and while quantities last. 

So, if you want one for you for Christmas or as a gift for someone else, order it NOW!


4. Iron Flame (Empyrean #2) by Rebecca Yarros

Releases 11/7/2023

Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros with sprayed edges book cover


Don't get stuck waiting like you did with Fourth Wing and order this one now!

The books with sprayed edges are limited, so make sure you don't miss out.

We have not seen a preview of this one, but, like you, we are SOOOOOO excited for its release. 


5. The Future by Naomi Alderman

releases 11/7/2023

The Future by Naomi Alderman book cover

The bestselling, award-winning author of The Power delivers a dazzling tour de force where a handful of friends plot a daring heist to save the world from the tech giants whose greed threatens life as we know it. 

By turns thrilling, hilarious, tender, and always piercingly brilliant, The Future unfolds at a breakneck speed, highlighting how power corrupts the few who have it and what it means to stand up to them. The future is coming. The Future is here. 

Hanna and Rebecca G cannot wait for this one to come out! 


6. The Mystery Guest by Nita Prose

Releases 11/28/2023 in both hardcover AND paperback

The Mystery Guest: A Maid Novel by Nita Prose book cover


Hardcover Edition | Paperback Edition

If you did not love Molly Grey in The Maid before, you will definitely love her after reading this book. Another death at the hotel and, once again, Molly and the maids are at the middle of it. Molly shines in this book and we get the chance to learn more about Molly's back story.

Full of murder, mayhem, and more than a few WOW! moments as well as surprises and plot twists. 

A wonderfully entertaining read! -- Rebecca G


~Happy Reading!~