Sizzling Summer Pre-Orders

Book spread open at a bench outside in front of some trees during summer

Finally, summer has arrived, and not a moment too soon.

The long, warm days of the season give us the perfect opportunity to settle into the sunshine and relax with an wonderful book.

Whether you plan on tackling your TBR list or looking for something new, there are some excellent titles being released just in time for a warm, slow afternoon in the sun.


June 2024


The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center book cover

The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center

Releases June 11, 2024 in Hardcover


Calling all romance readers! This could be your next sizzling summer read. 

"What do you do when you get to work with your favorite writer? Definitely don't fall in love with him. Emma finds this easy enough when he turns out to be a big jerk. At first. But no one is ever so simple as their first impression, and everyone is capable of change. As always, Katherine Center's writing is delightful, and I loved living with these two main leads as well as the lovable side characters." - Kalli K.



Squeaky Clean by Callum McSorley book cover

Squeaky Clean by Callum McSorely

Releases June 11, 2024 in Paperback


Are you the type of person who just can't relax? Maybe all you need is a taste of this thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat this summmer. 

"Introduction to DI Alison McCoist who is treated like a piranha by her colleagues and struggling to be a good mom to her twins. Davey who is so flawed with his drug use but loves his estranged wife and daughter with all his heart and cleaning cars at the car wash with his boss Sean, who has some anger issues but a good heart deep down in. Along comes the evil mobster "Paulo" who brings his big rigs in for a cleaning and it often contain sordid things like blood stains and cocaine residues. Yep it goes all awry but keeps you turning pages. Satisfying ending and I want to read more of Di McCoist." -Diane R.



The Daugher's War by Christopher Beuhlman book cover

The Daughter's War by Christopher Beuhlman

Releases June 25, 2024 in Hardcover


Sometimes, starting a new series is the best way to take a summer vacation without leaving home. Check out the first book in this electric series before the second comes out next month!

"The next installment of Christopher Buehlman's "Blacktongue Thief" series actually takes us back to Galva before the "Blacktongue Thief" and it is wonderful. The tone is much different and very fitting for Galva's story. In fact, it makes me want to reread the first book to see how much differently I will view her. This was far too long in coming and I anxiously await the next installment!"  -Rebecca G.


July 2024



The Night Ends with Fire by K. X. Song book cover

The Night Ends with Fire by K. X. Song

Releases July 2, 2024 in Limited Edition Hardcover with a Folio case and stenciled edges


Who needs a movie night when you can indulge in this Mulan-inspired epic fantasy. 

"Perfect for any fans of the Mulan legend, this story tells the story of Hai Meilin who poses as a man and joins the army in order to escape an arranged marriage to an abusive man and her opium-addicted father. I enjoyed the complexities introduced into this story with the magical jade pendant, seeing humanity in the enemy, and always having to hide your true self. A great journey from start to finish!" -Kalli K.


Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal

Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal 

Releases July 2, 2024 in Hardcover


Dreaming of a tropical vacation this summer? You'll want to check this title out. 

"With surprising and intricate stories, Tuga is truly glorious. The islander's lives are revealed in satisfying detail and the paths they take reflect the full range of being human. Settle in and sail away to a warm and vibrant corner of the world that you'll wish was real." -Sheryce D.



The Lost Story

The Lost Story by Meg Schaffer 

Releases July 16, 2024 in Hardcover


Looking for a grown-up fairytale with that sweet taste of nostaligia? It can be better than popsciles on a hot day. 

"For those fans who grew up with "Peter Pan" and "The Chronicles of Narnia", this is the book for you. Two boys, Jeremy and Rafe, disappear one night in the WV wilderness and return just as suddenly 6 months later, but they are not the same boys at all. Years later, one boy (now a man) ,who has tried to find other inexplicably lost souls, befriends a young woman whom he has been seeking and their journey together is magical in the most dangerous of ways. This book is full of sadness, joy, fantasy, and adventure. It is the story of friendship in odd circumstances and of second chances." - Rebecca G.


August 2024


The Pairing by Casey McQuiston book cover

The Pairing by Casey McQuiston 

Releases August 6, 2024 as a Special 1st Edition with stenciled edges


A trip to Europe: check. Food and culture: check. Romance to keep you coming back for more: check!

"Casey McQuiston can do no wrong in my book. The Pairing makes you want many things: to travel across Europe, to eat your way through a continent, to make new friends and live your life to the fullest, to start a new life In France, open a bakery, and become a sommelier. Kit and Theo have a vibrant, dynamic relationship that made me fall in love right alongside them. Can't wait for this one to come out so I can recommend it to everyone!" -Chloe S.



Medusa by Nataly Gruender

Medusa by Nataly Gruender 

Releases August 13, 2024 in Hardcover


Find new love for an old story with a stunning ancient Greek re-telling, like this one. 

"You've heard of Medusa, but do you only know her as a villain? This retelling of the Medusa story will turn that on its head. Medusa is one of the Gorgons, the only mortal daughter of two sea gods. Later she becomes a priestess of Athena, all before she becomes the snake-haired monster you've heard about. Gruender's novel explorers Medusa's life from her point of view. And it may not be what you think." -Jennifer J., Bookmiser Inc



A Sorceress Comes to Call by T. Kingfisher book cover

A Sorceress Comes to Call by T. Kingfisher

Releases August 6, 2024 in Hardcover


The perfect way to spend the last nights of summer is curling up with an un-put-downable fantasy from T. Kingfisher. 

"Kingfisher delights once again. From the very first scene I was hooked on this book. The only thing that caused me to stop reading was literally falling asleep and the e-reader falling out of my hand. I found both of our heroines endearing and was rooting for them the entire time. Following Cordelia on her journey to independence and Hester on her path to happiness kept me turning every page. Evangeline was a perfect villain, extremely believable in her nightmarish behavior. This might be my favorite Kingfisher book yet." -Amanda W., Writers Block Bookstore



All of these books are available to order ahead of the publication date! Make sure to get your name down so you don't forget. 

~ Happy Reading! ~