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Actions You Can Take in the Treasure Valley


Get the Word Out

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Post something on your Social Media networks
  • Talk to friends and acquaintances about what is going on


Contact Your Legislator 


Show Your Support for Local Libraries


Support the Idaho Library Association buy donating or buying t-shirts

Support the Idaho Library Association

  • Your membership and donation can help with advocacy against censorship and access to books and libraries at the state level in Idaho. 

Buy an official ILA "Let Idaho Read" t-shirt 

  • As of 3/8/2023, you have helped to raise nearly $5,500.



The Read Freely Project - Let's Start a Conversation logo in front of stack of books

Support the Read Freely Project  

This project is a proactive movement against censorship.

We started the Read Freely Project in 2021 to highlight and distribute recent titles that are diverse, brilliant, and vulnerable to censorship in the current social climate.

Last year, members of the community gave away 750 books in the Treasure Valley and had some incredible conversations!

In 2022, we gave out 1,000 books to the Treasure Valley, and this year, 2023, we gave out 1,500!

Donate today for 2024's #ReadFreelyProject!


Participate in an Even

Follow the Nampa Banned Book Club on Facebook for more on local events. 

Register to vote VoteIdaho.gov has all the information that you need to get started!


Visit the Action Station at Rediscovered Books to see what else you can do!