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  • Lara Kaminoff joins Bookseller Jane Alice (a fellow artist and book-slinger) on Instagram LIVE to talk all things graphic novel and a few other random things. 

    An all new graphic novel from cartoonist Lara Kaminoff, starring JIMMY RUCKUS, the young rabble-rouser and trouble-maker who's on a mission to achieve greatness by fighting his way to the top!
    How To Pick A Fight is the perfect fractured fable about a scrappy kid who means well, but never quite gets it right.

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    "Community Conversations" presents Dr. Jason Karlawish for a candid conversation about Alzheimer's Disease.  Rich in science, history, and characters, The Problem of Alzheimer's takes us inside laboratories, patients' homes, caregivers’ support groups, progressive care communities, and Jason Karlawish's own practice at the Penn Memory Center.

  • 5 authors talk about Black Love

    This Black History Month, celebrate Black Love with powerhouse authors J. Elle, Nicola Yoon, Elise Bryant, Kalynn Bayron, and Alechia Dow. 

  • Boise Weekly's Annual Fiction 101 contest brings out the funny, the touching, the absurd, the creepy, the odd, and the poignant... in exactly 101 words.

    The winning entries will be published in the February 2 edition of Boise Weekly and you can listen to them read aloud by the authors from the comfort of your own living room.  Grab some friends, pour a drink, and listen to some amazing flash fiction from local authors!  It is never a dull moment!

  • The #1 Indie Next Pick, in the vein of the classic 84, Charing Cross Road and Meet Me at the Museum, this witty and tender novel follows two women in 1960s America as they discover that food really does connect us all, and that friendship and laughter are the best medicine.

  • The Seventh Sun faces destruction as Mayana and Ahkin race to save their world in the finale to this compulsively readable series (Rachel A. Marks, author of Fire and Bone).

    To the Chicome people, an eclipse is a time of terror. When darkness falls, the barrier separating the heavens and the earth becomes unstable. Then come the ravening Tzitzimime--the star demons who thirst for human blood. Mayana and Ahkin know the full extent of the coming danger, but they must gather support or the Chicome Empire is doomed.