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  • Big Truck Day at Rediscovered Books Caldwell Sat October 1st 11am - 3pm

    It is Saturday and we have so many BIG TRUCKS at our Caldwell store!! 

    A whole parking lot full in fact!

    At 1:30 pm, come and meet Author Rosanne Parry and hear her read her new book, Big Truck Day !

    Join us for story time with: 

  • Comedy Show Info:


    Creatively is on a mission to bring laughter to downtown Caldwell! Enjoy a laugh-out-loud comedy show at Rediscovered Books’ Garden on select first Saturdays! Every month we bring a new theme and never before seen games and scenes that will leave you in stitches! You’ll also get discounted admission and a custom sticker if you sign up for our Patreon membership. (Starting at only $3/mo!) Laughter is a catalyst for building a better community, and we hope to share some with you soon! 


  • Book Signing John Taye and Matt Edwards

    Double Dip Authors on First Thursday at Rediscovered Books with local artist John Taye and local author Matt Edwards. Come get your books signed and meet the authors!