An Update from Bruce and Laura

Dear Friends,

We are taking it slow.  Although the state has allowed retail stores to open in a limited fashion to the public, we are not changing our operations at this time.  We are continuing with contactless pick up and delivery, phone orders, and internet sales. 

We are exploring ways that we can open our doors safely, and we have many ideas floating around our virtual staff meetings.  Some of our challenges are logistical and others are about the experience we can offer.  What we do know is that things will be different, and we are asking you to work through this experience with us.

Readers and booksellers have close relationships, and we do not want to place anyone at risk.  We are a small staff, and the exposure of just one of our booksellers would have a significant impact on all of our operations. We also feel strongly that we need to reduce risk as much as possible for our customers who shop here.

Nimbleness is one of the biggest advantages of being a small business, and this time being nimble means waiting a little longer before opening to the public.  We made big changes quickly a month ago, and we will be able to make changes again when the time is right.

Thank you for all of your support.

Bruce and Laura DeLaney