Use that FABULOUS Rediscovered Books Gift Certificate online!

So someone gave you a Gift Certificate to Rediscovered Books and you are wondering how to use it to buy your next best read. 

We can help!  It is easy to use your Gift Certificate when you shop in the store and just as easy to use it to shop online.  

How do you do it?

STEP 1:  Pick out the fabulous book (or books) that you want to purchase from our website. 

STEP 2:  Add to cart.  

STEP 3:  Repeat as needed.  (I mean can you REALLY have too many books??)

STEP 4:  When you go to check out, fill out the personal information needed -- email, name, address, etc.--to complete your purchase.

STEP 5:   When you reach the section "Are you using a store gift certificate?", click on the YES box. 

STEP 6:  You will then be prompted to enter your gift certificate number.  You will need this number to shop online (but you do not need to enter the amount of the gift certificate). 

STEP 7:  Click NEXT.  At this point you will be prompted to enter a credit card number. 

***FYI - You WILL need to do this, even if your gift certificate covers the purchase, but do not worry.  Your card will not be charged for the amount covered by the Gift Certificate.**

STEP 8:  Complete your purchase.  

When we process your order, your gift certificate number will show up and we will apply your gift certificate to your order purchase and get those new books out to you as soon as possible.  


So?  What are you waiting for???