Sell Your Used Books

Starting September 1, 2024:

When buying new items at Rediscovered Books, trade credit will apply to 50% of the total cost of each item.

The remaining total must be paid in credit, cash, or gift cards.

When buying used items, trade credit will apply to the full purchase amount of those items.

When shopping at Once & Future Books, trade credit can be used fully on anything in the store.

Used Book Buying Policy: Respect the Process, Limit 3 Bags or Boxes, Trade Credit Only (trade can be used fully on used items and up to 50% on new items), Stay Close! (stay in the store until the trade is complete), Take the Extras Home, First In First OutUnwanted Items: Books in poor condition (Ex: water damage, torn covers or pages, stains or strange smells, extreme color fading), Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Magazines (of any kind), Advanced Reader Copies (ARC), Ex-library Books, Textbooks, Encyclopedia sets, Harlequin/Sillhouette Romances, Books with out-of-date information, DVDs, Audio books, Puzzles