Sell Your Used Books


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What we offer:

  • In-store credit ONLY
  • Credit can be used on any new or used book at any Rediscovered Books or Once & Future Books location

What we buy:

  • Books in gently used condition
  • We prefer paperback over hardcover titles
    • Possible exceptions include:
      • art
      • cookbooks
      • children's picture books
      • classics

We do NOT buy: 

  • Books in poor condition:
    • Water damage
    • Torn covers/dust jackets
    • Hardcovers missing dust jackets
    • Highlighting/underlining/stains
    • Broken spines
    • Odor, mildew and/or stains
  • Book Club editions
  • Ex-library books
  • Advanced reader’s copies
  • Reader’s Digest editions
  • Most hardcover genre fiction (mystery, romance, science fiction, etc.)
  • Encyclopedias or partial sets of books
  • Most textbooks
  • Books that do not reflect our store inventory
  • Books with out of date information (travel, current events, etc.)

The process:

  • You will bring in your books during business hours
  • We will sort through your books and decide what we will take based on the above criteria
  • We will make an offer of in-store credit
  • We ask that you remain in the store and take back any books that are not brought into our inventory
  • Credit has no expiration date and can be used at Once & Future Books or Rediscovered Books