What We Did at Winter Institute 2024

Rebecca Leber-Gottberg, Rebecca Crosswhite, Hanna Fischer, and Kalli King on an airplane bound for Cincinnati, Ohio.

Four people in our management team traveled all the way to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend one of the biggest bookseller conferences, Winter Institute. 


This conference is all about learning more about how to make our store better, meet book publishers, meet authors, and make connections with other bookstores from all around the country. 


Here are the highlights!


Meeting Authors

Nothing is so exciting for a bookseller as getting to meet the people that wrote the books we love, and one of the authors we got to meet at Winter Institute this year was Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston sitting at a signing table signing a copy of her newest book, The Pairing.

Yes, we got to meet the wonderful and talented author of One Last Stop and I Kissed Shara Wheeler and got excited about her newest book, The Pairing, coming out in August this year. 

Authors from a dinner with Peach Tree, Holiday House, and Candlewick publishing houses

We also got to meet many other authors like Stuart Turton, Sy Montgomery, Loren Long, Doris Kearn Goodwin, Lauren Castillo and many others, including some incredible debut authors that I’m sure you will hear us talk about in the store! 


Education Sessions and Panels

View from the panel for an education session showing a room crowded with people

Many educational sessions are offered at Winter Institute on topics ranging from tracking KPI’s to AI synergy to project management. We learned a lot through these sessions, and two of us even had the privilege of sitting on a panel. 


Kalli shared new and changing marketing strategy through social media, and Rebecca C. was able to share information about how to set up and run school book fairs. 


The Bloat of Hippos at the Cincinnati Zoo 

Three of us walking into the Cincinnati Zoo with the giant statue a hippo standing upright in a purple suit and green scarf wearing a crown on its head.  Rebecca C. taking a selfie at the Cincinnati Zoo by the Giraffe House with Rebecca G, Kalli and Hanna.

It wasn’t all about the books though! While we were in Cincinnati, we visited the Cincinnati Zoo, and Rebecca G. fulfilled her dream of meeting Fiona and her family. Luckily, the temperature was above 40 degrees, so we had the privilege of meeting the entire bloat! 


We can't wait to talk to people about all the new books and new event ideas we have after attending Winter Institute!