Why Indie Bookstore matter, especially on Prime Day

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In the time of shopping behemoths and nearly instant gratification, why does it matter where you shop?


For us as an Indie bookstore, it really does matter.  Not only because your shopping at Rediscovered Books keeps us employed and keeps the lights on. Shopping small and local helps keep local communities and downtowns vibrant.  Without all of you dropping by the bookstore, intentionally or serendipitously, the energy in our store would not be the same.  We love to see all of you looking for your next best read or shopping for the perfect book for a special someone.  We love to see you perusing our locally-made cards and oohing and ahhing over our local chocolates and soap. 

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But it is so much more than that.


We love getting to talk to you about the books that we love and that we KNOW you will love too.  We love sharing new discoveries that your book group has not yet found (and know that they will be the basis of such great conversations).  We love proving opportunities for "Books and People to Meet".  Shopping small provides you the personal touch and attention that you would not get at a larger store or online.  We know that you can buy your books in other locations (airports, grocery stores, big box stores), but we do not want you to just "buy a book."   Our hope in every encounter, every day is that we provide you with an experience that meets your needs, wants, and desires.  With every book we put in your hands, we share a little of ourselves personally and collectively. And I must say, the joy of a repeat customer who simply loved our last recommendation only fuels our desire to make the next one just as good.  

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Why the Future is Indie


Rediscovered Books does more than just getting you to the right book. We have events every month that create and organize so you can also meet other book lovers like yourself and come together as a community. 


One of our newest events that we offer are bookseller lead book clubs each month.  If you have not attended one, you are missing out!  Each book club is a self-standing event, so no long-term commitment is necessary. They are a BLAST, and we are so excited to share them with you.  Small group size, local venue, and a wide variety of book choices.  We have had social justice books, romance novels, horror novels, personal growth books, historical fiction, Latinx books, and even cookbooks (and yes, we eat at those events). We offer 4 per month and with your registration, you get a copy of the book and a $5 voucher to our local venue partner. 

So far, we have shared books and spaces with Boise Brewing, Payette Brewing, Alia's Coffeehouse, Dawson Taylor Coffee, Sunshine Spice Cafe, 2C Wine Down, Olive and Vyne, Ochos Cocktail and Wine Bar, The Mode, and Par Terre Winery. When you join our monthly book club, you get a double bang for your locally spent buck--support Rediscovered Books as well as other small local businesses. More than that though, we have seen so many great personal connections happen between our book club participants!


Did you know that indie businesses also support their local community? Rediscovered Books partners with organizations such as The Cabin, Selway Bitterroot Frank Church, Wassmuth Center to name a few.  We help support their missions in our community by providing book support and co-hosting authors and events.  Our communities in the Treasure Valley grow and flourish when we all work together. Your part as one of our book family member helps us do our part.


We also feel very strongly about the value of books and literacy in the Treasure Valley.  We partner with schools for books fairs and for the last 3 years have worked in conjunction with The Cabin for our #ReadFreely project.  Because of your patronage and generosity, we have already given 250 volunteers 2500 free books to share out in the community over the last 3 summers with plans to donate 750 more in August and September.  


But sometimes it is not possible to attend a book club or shop at a local bookstore, and sometimes you are just looking for an audiobook for the road.  We have your back on this one as well.  Local indie bookstores have great partnerships with other businesses that help you get what you want and help us continue to grow and thrive.  

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Indie Bookstore Partnerships


Bookshop.org: While we are able to do web orders and ship books wherever they need to go, we also have a partner in Bookshop.org. Bookshop.org is an amazing partner if you want to order books for delivery and don't want to shop the "other guy".  Their selection is extensive, their service is golden, and you can choose any local bookstore to shop from through their website.  When you shop Bookshop.org, you can see our staff recommendations, our local bookclub reads, and other books that we think are the "cat's pajamas"! So how is it different from shopping the "other guy"?  Your local indie bookstore gets a percentage of the sale for each book BUT even better, Bookshop.org profit shares with local indie bookstores and this helps us in turn get more books into the world.  A win-win!  


Libro.fm: Looking for audiobooks?  We have another great partner in Libro.fmLibro.fm has a huge array of amazing audiobooks and again, you get our personal recommendations on the ones that we love. (And we LOVE sooooo many!).  Libro.fm is a great indie business that employs amazing staff and they too profit share with the bookstore of your choice.  We love Libro.fm as a partner and we love being able to support them on their book-loving journey.  


So on this "Prime Day", what can you do?


Sign up for one of our upcoming book clubs, pay us a visit, and buy a book (or three), shop via Bookshop.org, or switch your audiobook subscription from Audible to Libro.fm.  Small businesses only survive and grow because of you.  We may have to order the book you are looking for, but you can be guaranteed that we will not be sending the owners of the bookstore into outer space.