Why shop at an Indie Bookstore?

You can buy books anywhere...the grocery store, your local warehouse store, the airport.  So why shop your local Indie Bookstore?  The reasons are infinite (well, sort of)....

  • We love books.  I mean we really, really love books.  We eat, sleep, and breathe books.  
  • We love to talk about books.  With you, with each other, with anyone who will listen.  Just find a book that a number of us have read and (yes) loved and ask us what we thought about it.  You will not be disappointed.
  • Because we all read so such an amazing variety of books, we have LOTS of suggestions.  And our suggestions may really be something that you did not even know that you needed or wanted.
  • You can have your own favorite bookseller to make recommendations.  Whether you love Ben's or Karen's recommendations or Rebecca C put you on to a great kid's series, we have you covered.
  • Our shelf talkers are amazing!  The little note cards by the books are written by us about books and help you get a little bit of insight into what we like to read. In fact, for the next 2 weeks you can write shelf talkers too that we are going to premier on September 10 for our Bookstore Birthday! 
  • We can help you find something that is just a little different than you normally read (and we are pretty sure that you will like it). 
  • When you shop your local Indie, you are keeping money in our community.  Our booksellers live here, go to school here, shop here.  So why not support a business that supports local people, not sending the CEO into outer space?  
  • We are fun people!  We like what we do and so if you come see us, you can be a fun person too!