Why We are An Indie Bookstore



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Sixteen years ago, we opened Rediscovered Books hoping to create a special place. A Place where readers of all kinds could find others who shared a love of books and who wanted to make connections through shared conversations. To that end we have invested and reinvested in the values that are important to us.  They are creativity, courage, empathy, connection, and curiosity.

These values lead us to invest in local people, places, and artists because they are the people who create the place we live. This quote hangs at the Flying M in Caldwell, and it best epitomizes what we believe.  “Every dollar you spend is casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.  Thank you for supporting small businesses. We love you.”

We do love you.  And we are grateful for your support.  Because people invested in us, we were able to open a store in Caldwell and now we have spread that investment by hosting book release parties for English Language Learners who have written their own stories.   Because people trusted us, we were able to help select books for schools and libraries, and now we support multiple author visits to those schools each year.  There are a lot of independent businesses working hard to keep their heads above water, and they need your investment as well.

This Indie Bookstore Day (Saturday, 4/30/22), invest locally with us, invest in your own communities, and step away from the corporate model of the big box store. Look for ways to shop and source your entertainment locally.  Attend a locally produced theater production instead of streaming a movie, buy your groceries from a local market, pick up your wine from Idaho growers, shop for your home at small indie businesses. And, of course, purchase your books from an Indie Bookstore.  There is a lot of joy and connection waiting for you here, and just the personal touch that you did not know you were missing.

Laura & Bruce DeLaney